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Brunello di Montalcino by Gaja

The cult wine from the heart of Tuscany!

Brunello di Gaja

Brunello di Montalcino DOP - Pieve Santa Restituta di Gaja

Brunello di Montalcino DOP


The Brunello has a rich, intensive red colour. A highly expressive bouquet with hints of cherries and elderberries as well as...

CHF 55.00 instead of CHF 69.00

Red wine | 75 cl

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Mailing winter 2021

Preferential price valid until 31 December 2021

Weibel Weine - Mailing Winter 2021

Gift suggestion

Gift suggestions - Gift tavola italiana piccola

300 cl

CHF 79.00

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Gift suggestion

Weibel Weine - Gift - Tavola Grande

300 cl

CHF 119.00

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Sensual silkiness

Magari Bolgheri DOP


A fantastic premium Tuscan from Gaja. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and a little Petit Verdot combine to create a fruity...

CHF 52.00 instead of CHF 58.00

Red wine | 75 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Power & Concentration

Camarcanda Bolgheri DOP


This wonderful Bordeaux cuvée made from 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Cabernet Franc gleams in an intensive ruby red with a ...

CHF 119.00 instead of CHF 135.00

Red wine | 75 cl

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Ca'Marcanda di Gaja

«House of infinite negotiations»

Gaia Gaja - Ca'Marcanda di Gaja - Tuscany

Winner Fallstaff Chianti Classico Trophy 2020

Querciabella, Greve in Chianti

Querciabellea - Tuscany

Juicy until the finale

Chianti Classico DOCG


The Chianti Classico presents itself in a bright ruby red with a open hearted nose of ripe cherries and raspberries, notes...

CHF 21.90 instead of CHF 24.90

Red wine | 75 cl

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Podere 414

One of the star winemakers in Maremma

Weibel Weine - Podere 414 - Morellino di Scansano DOCG

Perfect wine for everyday

Morellino di Scansano DOCG - Podere 414 - Tuscany

Morellino di Scansano DOCG


Intense, rich ruby red. Ripe aromas of black cherries and blackberries on the palate. Full and powerful beginning on the palate, with pleasant spiciness and delicate vanilla notes. A smooth, lingering finish.

CHF 19.90

Red wine | 75 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

The finest panettone from Piedmont

Panettoni Albertengo, Torre S. Giorgio

Panettoni Albertengo - Piedmont

With dark chocolate


CHF 29.00

Produkt im Warenkorb

Fruity sweetness


CHF 29.00

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Largest wine cellar in the Bernese Oberland

Article in the Thuner Tagblatt

Roasted beef shank steak

Recipe by Björn Inniger from Restaurant Alpenblick in Adelboden

Wine pairing

Lagrein Alto Adige DOC - Elena Walch

Lagrein Alto Adige DOC


The Lagrein has an intensive, concentrated garnet-red colour. The multi-faceted bouquet seduces the drinker with subtle herbal aromas, wild berries and sweet cherry in the background. It has distinctive tannins, smooth richness, a playful, rustic elegance...

CHF 16.90

Red wine | 75 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Fuel the dream

Engine Pure organic Gin - Paolo Dalla Mora

Engine Pure organic Gin

Engine Gin has a clear, transparent colour. Intensely fragrant aromas of lime and orange blossoms on the nose, together with a subtle sage note. Citrus notes in turn dominate on the palate, with a hint of ripe fruits...

CHF 45.00

Gin | 50 cl

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Engine Kit

Gift Box Engine Gin - Paolo Dalla Mora

50 cl

CHF 59.00

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100% Italian Bio-Gin

Paolo Dalla Mora, Piedmont

Paolo Dalla Mora - Piedmont

Marco Giacosa

Love of Italian food

Marco Giacosa - Piedmont

Maltagliati a Mano

Maltagliati 250g - Marco Giacosa


CHF 7.00

Produkt im Warenkorb