Wine and food perfectly combined

Which wine goes with which food? There are few rules about this, because tastes are simply too different. Whether red wine or white wine with fish or cheese - the preferences are very different. But there is still an ideal companion for every dish. 

Our gastronomy customers reveal their delicious recipes with the right wine accompaniment to try out!


Weibel Weine | Restaurant Ochsen Lenzburg

Hotel & Restaurant Ochsen

Roasted chicken «Ochsen-style»
Wine pairing: Brunello di Montalcino DOCG | Col d'Orcia
Weibel Weine | Schloss Falkenstein

Gasthaus zum Schloss Falkenstein

Epoisses Cheesecake with caramelized apples and hazelnut crumble
Wine pairing: Arneis Passito Bric du Liun | Deltetto
Weibel Weine | Le Leporelles

Restaurant Le Pérolles

Valentine's Day Dessert
Wine pairing:
Franciacorta Rosé DOCG | Le Quattro Terre
Weibel Weine | Receipt

Vegan recipe from Querciabella

Winter Panzanella Salad
Wine pairing: Turpino Toscana Rosso IGT | Querciabella
Weibel Weine | Beau-Rivage Da Domenico Thun

Beau-Rivage Da Domenico Thun

Braised veal cheek served on a pumpkin purée with sautéed Cime di Rapa
Wine pairing:
Barbaresco Rombone DOCG | Figli Luigi Oddero
Weibel Weine | Landgasthof Henggart

Landgasthof Bahnhof in Henggart

«Mirza» roe deer cheeks
Wine pairing: Valpolicella Ripasso Gaso DOC | San Rustico
Weibel Weine | Hirschen Sangernboden

Hirschen Sangernboden

Venison goujon «Diana»
Wine pairing: Aglianico Pietralena DOC | Cantine Barone
Weibel Weine | Bever Lodge

Bever Lodge

Pumpkin gnocchi
Wine pairing: Lagrein Alto Adige | Elena Walch
Restaurant Startgels

Restaurant Startgels

Organic veal chops from the grill
Wine pairing: Pinot Grigio Castel Ringberg DOC | Elena Walch
Weibel Weine | Restaurant Ludmilla

Restaurant Ludmilla

Olive & lemon breaded Swiss whitefish fillets served with tabbouleh, cucumber and garlic raita
Wine pairing: Fiano Vignolella DOC | Cantine Barone 
Weibel Weine | Cafe du Marché

Café du Marché

One night's lamb shoulder – like roasted meat from the grill
Wine pairing: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC | Silvio Carta 

Mätz Dine

Vitello tonnato
Wine pairing: Rosé 20/26 IGT | Elena Walch

Wirtshaus zur Markthalle

Freshwater catfish fillet with beetroot risotto
Wine pairing: Morellino di Scansano DOCG | Podere 414
Weibel Weine - Rezept - Schlössli Horn

Restaurant Schlössli in Horn

Mediterranean polenta with veal shanks
Wine pairing: Barolo Dagromis DOP | Gaja 

KYTALY in Geneva

Mafaldine with beef cheek ragout in red wine

Wine pairing: Morellino di Scansano DOCG | Podere 414

Restaurant Rössli in Bülach

Breast of French guinea fowl with porcini mushroom risotto and root vegetables

Wine pairing: Chianti Classico DOCG | Tenuta di Carleone

Landgasthof Hirsernbad, Ursenbach

Grilled venison cutlets with fresh mushrooms
Wine pairing: Amarone Classico DOCG | San Rustico
Weibel Weine - Restaurant MONNA ISA

Restaurant MONNA ISA

Asparagus with Mornay sauce, five-grain streusel (crumb topping) and Gruyère ice-cream from Geneva's MONNA ISA restaurant.
Wine pairing: Beyond the Clouds Alto Adige DOC | Elena Walch

Restaurant Brücke in Niedergösgen

Veal milks with spring heralds and espuma
Wine pairing: Lugana L'Artigianale DOC | El Citera
Weibel Weine - Daniele Winebar Luzern

Daniele Restaurant & Winebar, Lucerne

Paccheri con Genovese Napoletana e Polpa di salsiccia
Wine pairing: Barbera d'Alba Vigna Martina DOC | Elio Grasso
Weibel Weine Rezepte

Restaurant Beaufort, Brunnen

Golden millet risotto with fennel
Wine pairing: Barbera d'Asti Mongovone DOCG | Elio Perrone 
Weibel Weine - Tajarin

Restaurant Panorama, Aeschiried

Tajarin Danieli with giant shrimps
Wine pairingPian di Nova IGT von Il Borro 
Weibel Weine - Restaurant L’Auberge du Château, Nyon - Ravioli al Plin

Restaurant L’Aubgerge du Château, Nyon

Ravioli al Plin from the restaurant L’Aubgerge du Château in Nyon.

Wine pairing: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC | Silvio Carta

Weibel Weine - Recipes - Roasted beef shank steak on fregola sarda and egg sponge

Restaurant Alpenblick in Adelboden

Roasted beef shank steak on fregola sarda and egg sponge
Wine pairing: Lagrein Alto Adige DOC | Elena Walch
Weibel Weine - Recipes - Eggplant involtini

Restaurant Grand'in Osteria in Zurich

Eggplant involtini
Wine pairing: Sito Moresco Langhe DOP | Gaja
Weibel Weine - Recipes - Homemade taglierini

Restaurant La Finestra in Geneva

Homemade taglierini
Wine pairing: Chardonnay Cardellino DOC | Elena Walch
Weibel Weine - Recipes - Roasted venison fillets with sweet and sour pickled nutmeg pumpkin

Restaurant Au Premiere Ochsen in Zug

Roasted venison fillets with sweet and sour pickled nutmeg pumpkin
Wine pairing: Barbera d'Asti Mongovone DOCG | Elio Perrone
Weibel Weine - Recipes - Ravioli alle erbette


Ravioli alel erbette

Wine pairing: Sauvignon Blanc Gmajne Collio DOC | Primosic

Weibel Weine - Recipes - Roasted loup de mer with potato mousseline on leek fondue and chorizo

Eder's Eichmühle

Roasted loup de mer with potato mousseline on leek fondue and chorizo

Wine pairing: Flower Power Rosato IGT | Podere 414

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