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Papa dei Boschi

The Papa dei Boschi agricultural business of the Noé family is located in Lequio Berria, a small village in the Alta Langa south of Alba. The Tonda Gentile hazelnut variety has been grown organically on more than 40 hectares for 3 generations. The harvest season starts at the end of August, when the ripe hazelnuts start to fall to the ground. The subsequent opening and peeling of the hazelnuts is laborious manual work which is carried out to order by José Noé in person, just prior to roasting.

Papa dei Boschi, Lequio Berria

Nocciola Piemonte 200g I.G.P.

Nocciola Piemonte 200g I.G.P. - Papa dei Boschi


CHF 11.00

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