Restaurant L’Auberge du Château, Nyon

Weibel Weine - Restaurant L’Auberge du Château, Nyon - Ravioli al Plin

Ravioli al Plin

Ravioli al Plin from the restaurant L’Aubgerge du Château in Nyon.


Recipe for 10 people

For the filling

1 kg venison shoulder

200 g carrots

200 g onions

100 g celery

red wine

salt and pepper

cinnamon, juniper berries, bay leaf and thyme

Grated Parmesan cheese

Piedmont hazelnuts


For the dough

1 kg flour tipo 00

10 eggs

4 egg yolks

Salt and oil


Preparation filling

Cut the vegetables into mirepoix and sweat them in a pan with high sides. In the meantime, cut the shoulder of venison into pieces and add them to the mirepoix. Season with salt and pepper.

Pour plenty of red wine, let it evaporate and finally cover with broth. Add spices and simmer for 3 hours.


Let cool and then mince the meat again with a thin knife to obtain a filling.

Add the Parmesan cheese and the hazelnuts.


Preparation of the dough

Mix flour and eggs in a bowl and knead for about 15 minutes until the dough is smooth. Set aside in a cool place.



With the dough and the filling, prepare the ravioli. This is most easily done with a mold or by hand. Cook the ravioli in salted water, drain well and serve with game juice and sliced porcini mushrooms.

Enjoy your meal!

To go with the Ravioli al Plin, the restaurant serves L’Aubgerge du Château the Cannonau di Sardegna DOC from Silvio Carta.


Our tasting note

An intense ruby red colour in the glass with garnet red highlights. On the nose, a splendid fragrance of ripe red fruits, such as raspberries and cherries. On the palate, balsamic notes and aromas of myrtle and juniper. Very well-structured and an extremely succulent after-taste.


Weibel Weine - Restaurant L’Auberge du Château, Nyon - Ravioli al Plin

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