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Paolo Dalla Mora, Barbaresco

6 Engine cups

6 Engine cups - Paolo Dalla Mora


CHF 15.00

Produkt im Warenkorb

Engine Gin Minion - Paolo Dalla Mora

Engine Gin Mignon


Engine Gin has a clear, transparent colour. Intensely fragrant aromas of lime and orange blossoms on the nose, together with a subtle sage note. Citrus notes in...

CHF 9.90

Gin | 5 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Extra virgin olive oil - Tommaso Masciantonio

Extra virgin olive oil


The olive oil is obtained from the Gentile di Chieti, Intosso and Leccino varieties. Sweet fruity aromas with a delicate scent of almonds on the nose. Moderately spicy on the palate with aromas of green almonds, artichokes...

CHF 12.00

Olive Oil | 25 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG - Boscarelli

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG


The Vino Nobile has an intensive crimson colour with a light garnet glimmer. Very fruity bouquet with aromas of red berries, blackcurrants, cherries and light notes of coffee and spices. Juicy, robust wine with a lot of elegance and...

CHF 16.90

Red wine | 37,5 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Vinsanto Familiae DOC - Boscarelli

Vinsanto Familiae DOC


Almost amber in colour. Its nose has intensive notes of dried fruits, candied oranges and...

CHF 49.00

Sweet wine | 37,5 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Magari Bolgheri DOP - Ca'Marcanda di Gaja

Magari Bolgheri DOP


A fantastic premium Tuscan from Gaja. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and a little Petit Verdot combine to create...

CHF 39.90

Red wine | 37,5 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 37,5 cl - Col d'Orcia

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG


An extremely fresh, crisp nose and elderberry-emphasised fruit with aromas from wild berries as well as fine notes of liquorice, coffee and spices. Very intense and compact on the palate, pleasantly refreshing and wonderfully balanced tannins.

CHF 23.90

Red wine | 37,5 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Moscadello Pascena di Mont. DOC - Col d'Orcia

Moscadello Pascena di Mont. DOC


The Moscadello Pascena is sweet wine with a fine aroma; a wine which provokes images of oranges, apricots and fresh figs. The fantastic grape incorporates the perfect balance between perfect balance acidic and sweet.

CHF 33.00

Sweet wine | 37,5 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb

Arneis Roero DOCG 37,5 cl - Deltetto

Arneis Roero DOCG


The Arneis has a subtle, straw-yellow colour and exudes an aroma of exotic fruits, apples and mulberries. Wonderfully fruity on the palate with a fresh, acidic flavour. Hardly any other...

CHF 8.90 instead of CHF 9.90

White wine | 37,5 cl

Produkt im Warenkorb