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Limonello Ricetta Originale
Silvio Carta, Zeddiani (Sardinia)
Limonello Ricetta Originale
WinemakerSilvio Carta
Alcohol28% vol.
70 cl CHF 35.00

The company's own lemons are hand-picked early in the morning. After harvesting, the lemons are washed with natural water and then repeatedly soaked in pure alcohol for a period of 20 to 30 days.

Our tasting note

The Limonello has a light lemon yellow colour with hints of green. On the nose and palate, an intensive aroma of the raw material used, the perfectly ripened Mediterranean lemon. Unbelievably harmonious and with a gentle after- taste. Enjoy chilled with ice.

Silvio Carta

Since the start of the 1950s, the Carta family has been producing exquisite wines, liqueurs and distillates in the sleepy coastal town of Oristano. Today, tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand, and always in harmony with quality and naturalness. The company philosophy "harmony of nature" is reflected in all of its products.

Suitable with
Coffee / Espresso