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Engine Pure organic Gin - Paolo Dalla Mora

Paolo Dalla Mora


Barbaresco (Piedmont)

Engine Pure organic Gin

WinemakerPaolo Dalla Mora
Alcohol42% vol.
50 cl
CHF 40.00 instead of CHF 45.00

Now only and while stocks last.


Engine is an organic Italian gin that is produced according to the maceration process. Alongside juniper berries, the main ingredients are lemon peel, sage leaves and rose petals, as well as liquorice roots (botanicals). Thanks to a latest-generation rotary evaporator, distillation under vacuum is possible at very low temperatures.

Our tasting note

Engine Gin has a clear, transparent colour. Intensely fragrant aromas of lime and orange blossoms on the nose, together with a subtle sage note. Citrus notes in turn dominate on the palate, with a hint of ripe fruits and green tea.

Paolo Dalla Mora

Engine is an organic, 100% Italian gin from Alta Langa on the border between Piedmont and Liguria. This gin is produced by Paolo Dalla Mora, entrepreneur and consultant in the fiel ds of fashion and spirits, as well as founder of Osteria Campamac in Barbaresco. The original and unusual packaging is inspired by the world of engines, the great passion of the producer.

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