Barbaresco (Piedmont)

Grappa can Gaia & Rey 1s

Grappa can Gaia & Rey 1s - Angelo Gaja
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The Grappa Box Gaia & Rey has a very noble effect and gives the Grappa Gaia & Rey even more elegance. These boxes which are exactly adapted to the Grappa bottles and are excellently suited as a gift packaging and protects the bottles.


The Gaja winery was founded by Giovanni Gaja in 1859, the great-grandfather of the current owner Angelo Gaja. Angelo is probably the most famous Italian winery owner internationally. No other winemaker has won the «Tre Bicchieri», the highest award from the Italian wine guide Gambero Rosso, as often as he has. He has been voted the «Man of the Year» by the Decanter and Winespectator magazines several times. The success of his wines is inseparable from his charismatic personality, and his life is a goodwill tour for the family vineyards. Gaja s wines are rooted in tradition, yet keep an eye on modernity. The company is now already in its fifth generation, and is managed by the two daughters Gaia and Rossana and son Giovanni. The Gaja family s vineyards now extend from Tus cany to Sicily. However, the Gajas home remains in the famous wine village of Barbaresco, where their unrivalled success story began.

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Grappa Gaia & Rey - Angelo Gaja

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