Grappa Villa Prato Invecchiata - Distillerie Berta

Distillerie Berta


Mombaruzzo (Piedmont)

Grappa Villa Prato Invecchiata

WinemakerDistillerie Berta
Alcohol40% vol.
100 cl CHF 65.00


Grappa Villa Prato is the result of a selection of the best distillates of different grape varieties from Piedmont. It is aged for almost 24 months in oak barrels with different levels of toasting.

Our tasting note

Amber colour. On the nose, it is wonderfully harmonious with notes of dark fruit, cocoa and vanilla. On the palate, it has a confirming aroma with a seductive note of tobacco. Complex and lingering finale.

Distillerie Berta

The imposing Distillerie Berta stands In Mombaruzzo, in Piedmont, surrounded by a picturesque hilly landscape. Berta is a long-standing family business, which was founded in 1947 by Paolo Berta. In the meantime the distillery is run by the two sons Gianfranco (production) and Enrico (sales). Today Berta is one of the leading producers of select grappas. Tre Soli Tre, Bric del Gaian and Roccanivo are some examples of unique grappas that the family business produces with great consistency from year to year.

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