Vermouth Bianco Silvia Carta

Silvio Carta


Zeddiani (Sardinia)

Vermouth Bianco Silvio Carta

WinemakerSilvio Carta
Alcohol16% vol.
75 cl CHF 29.00


Carefully selected grapes of the Sardinian white grape variety Vernaccia form the basis for this unique vermouth. The maceration in high-proof alcohol is carried out with numerous herbs from the macchia with a focus on scallion, sage, myrtle and senecio serpens.

Our tasting note

Bright straw-yellow. Infinitely versatile on the nose with a broad spectrum of aromas of lime, apricot, candied almonds and fresh figs. Exceptionally smooth on the palate with an excellent balance of tartness, acidity and fruity sweetness. Extremely long finish, which rounds off the overall picture with dignity. A delight on its own or as an accompaniment to classic cocktails.

Silvio Carta

Since the start of the 1950s, the Carta family has been producing exquisite wines, liqueurs and distillates in the sleepy coastal town of Oristano. Today, tradition and innovation go hand-in-hand, and always in harmony with quality and naturalness. The company philosophy harmony of nature is reflected in all of its products.

Suitable with
Coffee / Espresso
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