Moscadello Pascena di Mont. DOC - Col d'Orcia

Col d'Orcia


Montalcino (Tuscany)

Moscadello Pascena di Mont. DOC

Vintage 2012
WinemakerCol d'Orcia
Alcohol12% vol.
Grapes 100% Moscato
37,5 cl CHF 35.00


After undergoing stringent selection, the grapes are carefully pressed. This is followed by slow fermentation at a controlled temperature in barriques and in stainless steel tanks. The Moscadello then matures for 1 year in new oak barrels and 6 months in bottles.

Our tasting note

The Moscadello Pascena is sweet wine with a fine aroma; a wine which provokes images of oranges, apricots and fresh figs. The fantastic grape incorporates the perfect balance between perfect balance acidic and sweet.

Col d'Orcia

The Tenuta Col d'Orcia is one of the most historic and well-cultivated vineyards in Montalcino. The estate has over 142 hectares of wine-growing land, whereby the majority is planted with Sangiovese, the unique wine variety for Brunello di Montalcino. Since 1973 the vineyard has beenunder the ownership of the aristocratic family of Marone Cinzano, and in 2010 switched over fully to biodynamic winemaking. Today Col d'Orcia is one of the largest organic vineyards in Tuscany.

Suitable with
Coffee / Espresso
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